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modif honda supra 2006 next g

The concept of modification is a duck but naked, is one that has not been unusual, "said Arno.Karena obsession was then part of the framework there is no cut and modified. Still in its original shape and dimensions. Even for the affairs of the tank, while maintaining the position under jok.Perubahan radicals can be seen on the arm swing. "I made a new design using the design tralis as often done in deltabox motor sport," added Arno from Jl. Prince Diponegoro, No. 29, Batu, Malang.

That is one feature of motor sport naked homage. Because of the vital functions, searchable large iron pipe. "The choices are 2-inch diameter pipe," he added.Swing arm that has been naked like this certainly would be more fitting with the use monoshock system. Medium to full-custom 4595hal2_supra2.jpgurusan body as well. "We own design using a single model sitter," added the man was putting this.

The model also made a pointed tail so impressive as the motor speed up ,because his model has also led to a rooster, in the middle of the sort made fashionable deltabox additional chassis. All parts are made using fiberglass.



Honda Scoopy retro-style appearance that was made forcefully. Currently, Honda scooter was already modified. Indeed, the results are not extreme. However, what is done by the three modifiers, each from two of Depok and Jakarta, made Scoopy become increasingly elegant appearance, and some even unique.

Let's look at the work of Depok Fadis Nofal. On the front shield is attached a kind of plastic material or swarovski crystal with gold and silver color. Interestingly, at night, it gets swarovski reflection of light from the LED on the top of the headlamp shell.

modif kaki-kaki honda scoopy

Views become more classics with the additional sepatbor ornament on the front, side and rear, including orders and a gold emblem on the front and rear wheels.

Another claim results from JJ Airbrush Jaedun Mukhtar, Jakarta. Although minimalist, with a spray gun motif make the appearance Scoopy sweeter. The impression that was strengthened again with ornaments sweetener, from front to back

modif lampu depan honda scoopy

Let's look at the standard muffler protector, this section switch motif with translucent model. Seat was redesigned to be shorter and sweeter in the presence of added iron basket.

Another uniqueness, both wheels bolt replaced with a model of the fingers so that further reinforce the retro look. Then, under the tip of the front seat there are variations in the lattice wind. Very sweet!

Different again arable modifier Lipurnomo Johnny, owner of Custom World (CW). He tried to experiment with playing in the foot-feet and the installation of device variations so that, when membesutnya, plus happy aja.

Rear wheels using a wheel Rotara size of 5 x 14 inches. according to Johnny, the same part BEAT or Vario. Width 5 inches is the maximum size without rewind wheel axis. In addition, there are also unique and caliper cover headlights and a hood wearing sein


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Modif Honda

Honda Tiger Modif Abis

This is modifikasi honda tiger with gaul style, this style look so futuristic, you can see at the body of this honda tiger, you can also look at it engine, engine color and you can also look at shockbreaker. this modifikasi motor look so perfect. honda tiger is great motor cycle that easy to apply for modification.

Modif Tiger Mono Shock

Modifikasi motor tiger ini tergolong simple, body honda tiger revo memang cukup garang, udah bagus, sedikit modifikasi di motor ini dah nambah kesan sport, honda tiger revo standard ini cuman dibuat monoshock aja tapi lihat hasilnya, baguskan? memang honda tiger nggak ada matinya, motor yang paling enak, mudah dan gampang buat di modifikasi ya cuman honda tiger.

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Cara bikin Email Dengan Domain Sendiri

Setting cara membuat email dengan domain sendiri melalui cPanel

Bagaimana setting cara membuat email sendiri dari domain sendiri dengan munggunakan fasilitas dari cPanel? Berikut ini akan dijelaskan cara mudah membuat email sendiri untuk kepentingan website bisnis atau email pribadi anda sendiri.

Login terlebih dahulu ke akun hosting cPanel anda sendiri. Setelah masuk ke cPanel area coba perhatikan gambar screenshoot di bawah ini sudah saya beri tanda dilingkari merah, klik “Email Accounts” !


Nah misalkan sekarang saya mau buat email dengan nama maka isikan kolom-kolom formulir seperti pada gambar di bawah ini, mulai dari email, password, password (again) = masukkan lagi password, mailbox quota (optional) = misal isi 250 Mb atau berapapun yang anda inginkan sesuai dengan kapasitas akun hosting anda. Klik “Create” !


Setelah sukses, maka akan tampil halaman “Account Created” kemudian klik [GoBack].

Jika mau membuat akun email dengan nama yang lainnya, maka ulangi langkah-langkahnya sama saja seperti di atas hingga selesai. Selamat memiliki akun email sendiri dan selamat mencoba!

Catatan: untuk mengakses akun email yang sudah dibuat tersebut maka gunakan link slash webmail, contohnya adalah kemudian masukkan username: dan password: *********


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